Find family. Discover purpose. Change the world.

All Nations Las Vegas is one of many All Nations campuses around the world. We aim to serve this city by being the hands, the feet, and the voice of Jesus Christ. Bringing freedom, hope, and life wherever we go. We strive to create a sense of
“WELCOME HOME” for all.

Our Pastors Sherman and Jaquet Dumas have a passion to reach people and help equip them to influence their God-given sphere. They have given their lives to the mission of the local church and have a vision to see all people find family, discover purpose, and change the world.


We are so excited to be in the city of Las Vegas, but we know that we can not bring this power-contemporary movement to this city without you. You are the hands and feet that we need to spread the good news and do the work of Christ in Vegas. We are looking for ordinary people who want to be used by extraordinary God to share a simple gospel of love, redemptions, and change. If this sounds like you, then join our LAUNCH TEAM.